Google may launch Project Ara in 2015


Google may start selling the first devices from its modular smartphone Project Ara in 2015. This is a bold and revolutionary new concept for a mobile device that can be fully customizable by the users. You want big screen? No problem, there is a module for that. The same thing is about battery, camera, physical keyboard and etc. The idea is when there is a new faster CPU or high…


Rumors blend up after Google’s Nexus event

Nexus 6

Google just reveal the new smartphone Nexus 6 and a bigger tablet Nexus 9. With them the Internet giant also unveil officially the updated version of its mobile platform – Android L. Most parts of the showcase were in line with the expectations, but some rumors did not hold on. Here are the overview of Google’s new mobile devices and putting some of the rumors into the blender to see…


Android Wear 2.0 is coming soon

Android wear

The latest rumors in the blender are that Google is planning to update its operating system for wearables and the new version may be named Android Wear 2.0. Speculations are that the Internet giant is preparing to unveil it in Wednesday’s event which all are expecting the new Nexus devices. The Android Wear 2.0 is not the official name of the release, but it will be the first significant update…


Nexus 6 tech specs leaked out


Google’s next flagship will be Nexus 6 pointed out the new leaks with very detail technical specification. The new smartphone will be produce by Motorola, with 5.9-inches screen and will have the latest Android L (rumored Lion) operating system. It will be the largest Nexus phone to date if Google actually reveal it soon. For now there is no official confirmation, nor scheduled event for this purpose. According to…


Google prepares bigger Nexus tablet


October may be a month full of new Google branded devices, as the Internet giant prepares to possibly unleash smartphone Nexus 6, as also the bigger tablet Nexus 8 or 9. For now all the information about them is only as a various rumors, because Google remains silent for the moment and there is now confirmation for any of one. The speculations are about two dates – 8th or 16th…


Google launched Android One phones in India


Google launched three cheap smartphones in India powered by the new Android One version of its popular mobile platform. With this move the Internet giant ended not one or two rumors. In the recent months there were couple of speculations about the Google’s event in India. Most of them were related to the Android One smartphone launch, but in Monday the company give additional information about other rumors. But let…


Google prepares Android Lion


After naming the Android 4.4 Kitkat – a chocolate bar with small waffles inside – Google may decide to keep up with the Nestle products. It is seems, that the Internet search company prepares a new version of its popular mobile OS. This one is dubbed to be 5.0 or Lion. The information comes from a leak with the benchmark result of the this years update of the smartphone Nexus…


Android One phone may debut at 15 september


Just couple of months after the project for light Android One OS emerges at Google I/O conference and now it is possible that the new operation system will make its debut in India on 15th of September. Then will be the upcoming event of the Internet giant. The rumors are that during the conference Google will show a new device which will hit the Indian market just after it will…


Google is preparing a workstation tablet


The next race for the tablets will be for the more productive models. At least this is what the last rumors are suggesting. A report by shows that Google is exploring this area as it making special accessories for their next Nexus tablet. The online site shows of sketches of a double cover with keyboard which is allegedly part of the Internet company’s project “Workstation”. Google is reportedly working…