Most plausible explanation for Windows 10 name


Windows 95 and 98 are the reason why Microsoft skipped the 9 version of its new operating system and go directly to 10. According to recent rumors, there is a problems with the code. During the tests when using Windows 9 name the third-party applications used some coding to detect what version of the operating system are running. The programmers are using the short name Windows 9 for designate the…


Microsoft trolled the world with Windows 10


Microsoft trolls the tech community after it jumps directly to Windows 10 for a name to its new operating system. The software giant announced the new platform and end some of the speculations about it. Some rumors were confirmed on the event, others were busted, but we still have some unanswered questions. Here is some round up.   Confirmed rumors One Windows to rule them all – the biggest news…


Windows 9 may be free for Windows 8 users


“Free Windows” sounds like joke in the tech world, if you said on loud the people will though that you are crazy. But Microsoft may go all in into the battle this time with its new Windows 9. The company has scheduled an invite-only event for Tuesday 30th of September. On it it will reveal the new operating system that will succeed the not-so-loved from the consumers Windows 8. There…


Cortana may move to Windows 9 (round up)


The personal voice assistant Cortana from Windows Phone may be included in the new Windows 9. This rumor surfaced days before 30th of September in which Microsoft is preparing to shows off its new operating system and it already scheduled an event for that day. The speculations so far suggest that the company will release early version for developers at the same day, but this is not confirmed. As Microsoft…


Windows 9 rumors are heating up (round up)


With Microsoft is preparing for potential release of Windows 9 (or Project Threshold there is no official name at the moment) for developers the rumors for the new features exponentially heating up. Before weeks the speculations were that the software company will drop out the Charms and will introduce new virtual desktops. Now there is a serious leak with video of some of the new features of the Windows 9….


Virtual desktops and no charms in Windows 9


While the beginning of September is clouded by the IFA technology show in Berlin and Apple’s event, there are reports that to the end of the month Microsoft will release Windows 9 (or Windows Project Threshold) for developers. After the not so successful Windows 8 consumers, developers and the business are curios about what the software giant from Redmond is preparing for them. The recent revelations from the last weeks…


Rumors before IFA – what is cooking in Berlin


IFA is one of the biggest European gadget show and it starts from 5th of September in Berlin. At the pavilions in the German capitol the global IT companies will unveil their latest products before the Christmas season. So prepare yourself for a lot of hype and almost confirmed rumors. From Wednesday technology behemoths like Samsung and Sony will start showing their latest additions in the gadget portfolio. They will…