Confirmed Apple Watch rumors from yesterday


Apple Watch rumors confirmedApple confirmed most of the Apple Watch rumors in its yesterday event. The company from Cupertino reveal the full pricing and availability of its smartwatch, a new 12-inch MacBook and an update to the traditional MacBook Air line.

Most of the presentation yesterday was in line with the predictions. For this reasons we have a lot of confirmed rumors.

Apple Watch prices and launch date

Before the Apple Watch event the only information about the price was the $349 – the starting cost for the cheapest sport version. Yesterday the company revealed how much will cost the stainless steel and the gold plated versions.

The Apple Watch with stainless steel casing has almost hit the expectations – prices are starting from $549 for the smaller 38mm version and $599 for the 42 mm version. And can reach up to $1099. As the previous Apple Watch rumors suggested.

The Apple Watch Edition nailed everyone with its expensive price tag. Apple will start to sell it from $10,000 up to $17,000 (for now). But it fitted on the most ambitious predictions and rumors which bet for a price range from $10,000 to $19,000.

The different types of bands and buckles confirmed speculations that they will form a significant part of the price of the device. Especially for the gold one. And those Apple Watch rumors are also accurate.

Another confirmed rumor is the launch date. It was speculated for the early April to late April. Well Apple announced that it will accept pre-orders from 10th of April and the actual availability will start from 24th of April. Close enough.

Apple Watch rumors and battery life

The most questionable tech spec that has some light in yesterday’s event was the battery life of the new smartwatch. According to Apple it can hold up to 18 hours of mixed usage.

This is in line with previous Apple Watch rumors for up to 19 hours of mixed usage. Also the next question will be – how long it can hold with active usage? Well, not for a long time. Apple quietly admitted that it can hold up to three hours of talking, and up to six hours of listening of music.

Gold Macbook

12-Inch MacBook with gold painting

The 12-inch version of MacBook with portless design was for some time in the rumor blender. Apple fulfill all of this expectations and introduce a compact device only with audio jack and USB-C port. Rip other ports, hello accessories.

At yesterday’s event Apple even overtook itself as it introduce a gold painted version of the MacBook. It will be the first device outside iPhone which will have a gold painted version. Apple Watch has solid gold model and it doesn’t count. So don’t be surprised if Apple reveal gold painted iPad in the coming events.

Another confirmed rumor was the update of the existing MacBook line withe better tech specs.

No iPad Pro, Apple TV or music streaming service

There were no big screen iPad Pro, nor new music streaming service for iTunes (build up from Beats Music) or new Apple TV. Like the rumors before the event suggested no new devices were introduced beyond Apple Watch and MacBook.

No 12.9-inches tablet, or new version of the set-top box Apple TV was shown yesterday. Well the latter has a price change from $99 to $69, but it doesn’t count for a new device.

The music streaming service was also absent from the event.

Miscellaneous rumors

Other miscellaneous confirmed speculations were about the new apps for the smartwatch and the update for iOS 8.2. Apple shows a lot of new applications for the new wearable as a some tweaks to its mobile platform.

With this we finish our round up of confirmed Apple Watch rumors.

Image credit: Apple

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