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Microsoft’s event swept away the tech world as a hurricane, confirming a ton of rumors leaked in the past few months as it introduced a truly single Windows 10.

One system should rule them all – tablets, smartphones, PCs, even TVs. Well this is confirmed as the software giant just presented a truly unified platform. In other words – a single Windows 10 for all devices. In the September’s short introduction of the new operating system Microsoft just showed a seamless transition between desktop driven to tablet driven interface. And back then it was only hinted with one sentence and slide that it will be single Windows 10 – even covering smartphones and TV sets.

This means that the Start Menu is returning with a brand new design. It will not be a Start screen as it is now in the Modern interface in Windows 8, but it will be a blend between the old school version and a tile based apps shortcuts.

For this purpose Microsoft makes a cross-platform integration of services. The software giant demonstrated how a traditional desktop programs can scale down to a smartphone format without loosing too much of their functionality. And vice versa – like introducing the voice assistant Cortana into the PC format and the addition of Notification center (called Action center) for desktop format. There were some leaks in the past few months pointed for those features.

In the Wednesday’s event Microsoft show how to run a PowerPoint presentation without any problem via your Lumia smartphone. And how Cortana could help the user with its cognitive abilities – sending e-mails only by voice for example.

The introduction of Universal apps that can be run on all platforms is a huge step forward and key for building a single Windows 10 for all devices. In this context Microsoft also said that the PC can be transform into XBox. So the games and all the content into the console platform can be accessible by a desktop or laptop. And if the developers could couple with the controls (keyboard and mouse vs gamepad) they will fulfill most of the games dreams. This was also expected in the previous speculations

In its mission for a single Windows 10, Microsoft presented its new browser internally called Project Spartan. As it was rumored it is a lightweight version to meet the new Web realities and consumer’s demands. For now it is planned for a little bit later release and with a little delay it will be also available for smartphones too.

The last, but not least Microsoft confirmed one a little bit forgotten rumor – that the new single Windows 10 will be available as FREE upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users.

Only by creating a truly single Windows 10 for all smart devices Microsoft set the bar very high. The only thing that remains is to see all this in the final version and in action.

But the software giant showed some very intriguing hardware which will be covered latter in RumorBlender.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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