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Cortana on Windows 10 Windows Phone

Leaked video shows off how the voice assistant Cortana will work on the new Microsoft’s platform Windows 10. The software giant is expected to show to the wide public the full possibilities of its new OS in January. There were rumors that the voice-assistant from Windows Phone 8.1 will be included in the Windows 10, but until now there were no hard evidence for it.

Cortana on phone vs PC

The new video includes brief overview of the capabilities of Cortana and the warning that everything is still in pre-release mode so the assistant couldn’t show off its full force. To activate it the user needs to push the search button in the task bar. After that it also needs to press “Starts listening” to activate Cortana. The functions are similar to the current version for WP 8.

The voice assistant can make calls via Skype with the command “Call John” for example. This is different from the Windows Phone where the users can call people from its phone contacts. In Windows 10 it works directly with Skype.  Also you can schedule events, update your calendar and put reminders and tasks for the next day with Cortana.

Users can get directions and traffic updates with the integrated maps, play music and check the weather. Like what does the voice assistant on a Windows Phone.

Still under development

There are still glitches or to be more precise – functions which are under development. Most of the capabilities are just hinted, but when you want to check the calendar you get an error message. But this will work (hopefully) in the final consumers version of Windows 10. Cortana does speak but still it hasn’t its personality and at least the showed version in the video is only a small sneak peak preview of its full possibilities.

Like the first appearance of Siri, Cortana it’s still under development. But there are one big difference between the two assistants – Microsoft is aiming to introduce it for the PC and laptops, not only for smartphones, like Apple did.

You can watch the video here:

Image Credit: Brian (CC)

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