Cortana may move to Windows 9 (round up)


The personal voice assistant Cortana from Windows Phone may be included in the new Windows 9. This rumor surfaced days before 30th of September in which Microsoft is preparing to shows off its new operating system and it already scheduled an event for that day. The speculations so far suggest that the company will release early version for developers at the same day, but this is not confirmed. As Microsoft doesn’t verify the leaks of the new features of its new OS which were released in the last month. Some of the rumors we already covered and analyze but it is time for the round up of the ones.  They are the possible integration of Cortana and few other features from Windows Phone 8.1 into the desktop OS.

– Say Hello to Cortana – the newest leak is about integrating the voice personal assistant Cortana into Windows 9. For now Microsoft installs Cortana only in some Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones. From the speculations it’s seen that it may be included in the Search options of the operating system. So when you press the Search button you actually activate Cortana – the same way you do it in Windows Phone. The rumors only gives a glimpse of the existence of the personal assistant in Windows 9, without mentioning its possibilities in the desktop OS. Integration of Cortana is a little bit long shot – it will be definitely in Microsoft’s strategy for blending its mobile and desktop platforms into one. But will the company make this move in Windows 9 – this is a very difficult question. There is no information how far is Microsoft for optimizing Cortana for desktops. Plausibility of this rumor – 65%.

– Storage and Wi-Fi Sense – the other new rumors are including the Storage Sense and the Wi-Fi Sense into Windows 9. Both comes from the mobile OS of the company and there is a lot of logic for including them into the new desktop platform. This is continuing the strategy of unifying both platforms and possibly blend them into single one in the near future. The first feature is actually monitoring how applications consume storage space. It is more simple and pleasant version of the Uninstal programs from Control panel in the current Windows 95 to 8. The Wi-Fi Sense is connecting the device easily and automatically into the nearby wireless networks. Those features are far more easy to be included in Windows 9 so plausibility is a little bit higher than Cortana – 75 to 80%.

The rumors are piling up. In our previous Round up we already shows off the possible demise of the Charms Bar and introducing a new Notification Center, multiple virtual desktops and brand new Start menu. So the plausibility of all of them?

– Removing the Charms – for this one we have a lot of information from different sources, but there is no hard proof as the other ones. The good side is that with their removal Windows 9 will return to the roots as a PC platform. The down sides it will may cause havoc for touch screen devices if there is no good substitute interface solution for tablets. Plausibility – 65%.

– Notification center – we have video showing this one, which is a very good leak. But we hope that Microsoft will redesign it, because it looks ugly (still prettier than the current center). It will boost the integration with the Windows Phone platform and the plausibility is very high – 90%.

– Virtual desktops – revealed also with leaked video and it will booster multitasking. Especially handy for more productive tablets and a long waited feature. Plausibility – 90%.

– Real redesign Start Menu – another video showed off the redesign Start menu which is a blended solution from Metro/Modern interface tiles with the old school menu. It’s look nice and practical and it is more long waited than the virtual desktops. Plausibility – 95%.

Image Credit: Bhupinder Nayyar

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