Did Apple invented USB-C on its own


Apple MacBook USB-COne of the biggest surprise when Apple launch its new MacBook was the fact that in the whole device they were only two ports – the audio jack and a brand new USB-C port. The last one is the a truly universal jack which can be used for power cord and for connecting various devices.

This unusual port is object of big scrutiny from the fans. Because there is only one port for various functions. Because Apple is the first company that actually implement the USB-C in its device as an only option for the users it starts to create some interesting speculations.

Apple’s generosity

According to the latest rumors Apple actually invented the new USB-C standard. After that the company from Cupertino gave the new specs to the other tech developers. In his podcast The Talk Show, John Gruber claimed that USB-C is Apple’s invention and they just release it to their competitors.

“I have heard, can’t say who, but let’s call them “informed little birdies” that USB-C is an Apple invention and they gave it to the standard bodies”, stated Gruber in its podcast.

He added that Apple couldn’t say anything in public because the politics between the company and the standard bodies.

The creator of USB-C

The USB standard stands a group of big tech companies which work together for the developing the connectors. Apple also participate in this pool of industry giants. The USB-C connector was submitted somewhere in 2012. Year later the USB-IF group announced the next standard and the future of the communications.

There is no sign of Apple though. But the new USB-C connector has a lot of similarities with Apple’s Lightning connector. And surprisingly the Lightning was released in the same year as USB-C was submitted.

These are the arguments for the theory that Apple is behind the creation of the new connector.

The first company which introduced USB-C to its devices were not Apple. Goole for example included the new ports to the next generation of its Chromebooks. Also last year Nokia introduce the USB-C to its new tablet – the N1.

Usually all or most of the companies participate in the development of the new standard. And their work is associated to all, not for one. So most probably all or most companies from USB group are responsible for the USB-C.

Still there is a possibility that Apple has more general role in the creation of the new connecting standard. It may force the idea for more faster link and also may give some ideas taken from its Lightning connector.

9to5Mac made a very good investigation how much effort put Apple to the development of USB-C. With the documents shown by the website is clear – it was a join work. Nevertheless Apple’s contribution is not to be underestimated.

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