Galaxy Note 5 may debut earlier than usual

Samsung may introduce the new Galaxy Note 5 in the late August
Image Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns

Samsung’s Galaxy Note usually is released in the autumn before the Christmas holidays. But the South Korean company may ditch this strategy as the rumors suggests that the new Galaxy Note 5 will debut this summer. The latest reports hinted the possible launch of the new flagship tablet sometime in the end of August.

Plausible deniability

The tech giant denied this speculations, but the reports for the early debut of Galaxy Note 5 continue to mount. There are some reasons behind this idea, because Samsung will get some advantage over its main competitors. The new phablet will debut before the big tech expo IFA in Berlin. Samsung also will outrun Apple which may reveal its next model iPhone in September.

If the South Korean company choose this variant it will host a separate from IFA event. It will not be the first time for Samsung, but it definitely will break the current tradition. In the last couple of years IFA was the main stage for introducing the new model phablet.

Previous rumors suggested the new Galaxy Note 5 may debut in the late July, but now the speculations are more about for the late August. But Samsung denied those leaks in the last days, without revealing any further details.

Rushing for the win

Usually the Galaxy Note series are the main weapon for Samsung in the war with Apple in the past couple of years. The company from Cupertino traditionally show off its new iPhone in September event and both devices are battling each others for the Holiday season.

The possible early debut will give some advantage as it can lure the consumers to buy it and not to wait the devices from Samsung’s competitors. But it can be a double edged sword – it also may hurt the sales of the device because the users may decide to wait for the next iPhone, or to be early disappointed from it.

Same thing can apply for the other Android competitors. If Samsung sticks to this decision it will be a big gamble. For the company is pretty important to return its position in the market and such gamble can boost the sales, but also can sink them.

So it is more plausible for Samsung not to play all in in this game, but there is still not enough clues will the rumors are true and the company is not telling the true about its plans.

The hardware of Galaxy Note 5

There are some speculations about the hardware specs of the new device. Apparently it will have a massive 5.89-inch display with a 2K resolution. Rumors also point to a 4100mAh battery, a USB-C port, upgraded flash memory and the Samsung’s own Exynos 7422 processor.

It is possible to see some visual and design upgrades and to look more like the Galaxy S6. The company may use more metal and glass in its casing and there are speculations about the including of a curved display like the technology in the Edge models of S6.

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