Google Glass may come with Intel chips


Google traditionally relies on ARM chips for its mobile devices, but this time the tech giant may equip its Google Glass smart accessory with a Intel chip. This rumor comes just weeks after speculations that the Internet company may abandon its little smart glasses venture.

According to a inside information from Wall Street Journal, Google will replace Texas Instruments (TI) with Intel for supplying chips for the Google Glass. TI is the third larger supplier in the semiconductor industry and the company provides a lot of models to Qualcomm. The company relies primarily on a ARM-based architecture for its chips.

What means the switch to Intel for Google Glass

The switch from ARM based processor to a Intel-based is a big step for the chipmaker. Intel tries to get more influence into the mobile space. But for now the design of British ARM dominates the market. The US chipmaker gears up new low-energy models to compete into this area. Intel is currently attempting to enter with a full force into the wearables and Google Glass will be a perfect platform to demonstrate the possibilities of their chips.

But the change means a lot for Google too.

Closing the project or new model

There are a lot of rumors that the Internet giant may ditch its smartglasses. On one hand a recent report from Reuters pointed out that only seven developers of 16 are still working with Google Glass.  The other nine stopped working or move away from Google’s wearable platform. Also there is an information that the co-founder of the company – Sergey Brin stopped wearing the device. Brin is known for trying and publicly demonstrating new technology.

The co-founder is also very passionate in inventing new things and this means that maybe Google is losing patience for its little venture in the wearables.

But the Intel deal means that the Internet giant maybe is preparing a new improved model of Google Glass. Because for what reason the chipmaker will try to integrate its new processors into a dyeing device?

There are some doubts also. Will Intel be able to develop a powerful and energy efficient chip that will improve the Google Glass. Still the chipmaker has some struggles to get into the mobile market. And the wearable one is just a extension to it.

Plausibility – 55%

Image Credit: Ted Eytan

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