Google Glass’s dead – true or false?


Google Glass's deadIn the last few weeks there has been a heavy speculations about Google Glass’s dead. The smart gadget took over the geek’s hearts with its futuristic, almost James Bond features. But after Google ended the sales of the Explorer edition (which costs the spicy $1500) in the end of January, experts started to speculate about its future.

Their concerns are reinforced with reports that a bulk of the software developers are moving away from the device. All together it’s easy to announce Google Glass’s dead. New York Times puts oil in the fire with an article about the smart devices unsuccessful faith. The American newspaper accented mostly on the fact that the Google Glass was and still is unfinished product.

But still Google Glass’s dead is a little bit over exaggerated. According to Wired, the wearable device is still used by the people who bought it. And the current companies who own the smart glasses and have partnership with Google have access to even additional quantities of it.

For the consumers now it is a little harder to get their hands on the Google Glass. But this isn’t means that the device is dead. The tech giant said that it will continue to develop the smart glasses. With a little changes. Like now Google Glass is out of the Google’s experimental laboratory – Google X.

It will be develop by independent unit which will be lead by Tony Fadell. He is a former executive in Apple overseeing the iPod development and a co-founder of Nest. The startup was acquired by Google last year for $3 mln.

This means the dedication of Google to the project. And it is highly unlikely to be a Google Glass’s dead.

In the next few years maybe we will see new better and (hopefully) cheaper version of the smart glasses.

Plausibility for Google Glass’s dead – 15%

Image Credit: Rijans007 (CC)

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