Google is preparing a workstation tablet


The next race for the tablets will be for the more productive models. At least this is what the last rumors are suggesting. A report by shows that Google is exploring this area as it making special accessories for their next Nexus tablet. The online site shows of sketches of a double cover with keyboard which is allegedly part of the Internet company’s project “Workstation”. Google is reportedly working on 9-inch tablet with HTC which will be the next Nexus model and it is seems that they are preparing together some accessories for it for better productivity. The physical keyboard is essential for the business users, because the virtual is not intuitive for writing long texts. This was the reason why Microsoft accent so much on their Touch and Type Covers on the debut of the Surface Tablet. Adding a physical keyboard is big step for Google to make its branding tablet more oriented for corporate users.

Nexus keyboard cover – Image by shows sketches of the Magic cover with aligned keyboard. When you use the keyboard the user can fold the cover like iPad’s smart cover to work as a stand for the tablet. After finishing the work the keyboards part seems to become a second cover. It is expected to use Bluetooth 4.0 to pair with the tablet, initiating the pairing process using an embedded NFC chip. Also there is a rumor that the cover will include 450 mAh battery, but it will be used to power the keyboard and will not work as a additional energy source for the tablet. The whole accessory will be only 5mm thin.

This rumor is making a lot of sense because there is for now a lot of indirect interest in the whole tablet market towards business users. First was Microsoft with their Surface and Surface Pro devices with Type or Touch Covers are aim for the corporate segment. Apple is reportedly working on a bigger 12-inch iPad and already has agreement with IBM for cooperation for developing business software for the tablets and offering the i-devices to the IBM’s clients. So it is matter of time for Google to optimize¬† their Android OS and tablets which are using it for more productivity and make this rumor (actually both rumors – for preparing workstation tablet and double cover) very plausible. The problem? At least on a concept level this keyboard looks like lags behind Microsoft’s solutions and even some of the existing accessories for Android tablets. For example Asus and Microsoft have keyboards with build in batteries which are used to charge up the device, not the actual accessory.

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