Google is working on Virtual reality version for Android


Samsung gear vr virtual reality version of androidGoogle is working on Virtual reality version for Android. This news is still very speculative, but as the interest of VR headsets is increasing.

After Facebook acquired Oculus Rift and Valve working with manufacturers like HTC to produce such devices it will be logical for the Internet giant to get into the race. But not with own virtual reality headset.

Most likely Google is working to adapt or make new virtual reality version for its mobile platform Android which can run virtual reality applications. The latest rumors comes from Wall Street Journal which claims the tech company has “tens of engineers” and other staff to run the project.

Google is planning to freely distribute the new OS to developers and manufacturers as usually does with the different versions of its mobile platform. The company already has a special released for smartwatches, but for now it doesn’t gain much momentum.

There are only rumors for Google’s virtual reality project. The company didn’t confirm them yet.

In the last year there have been a lot of movement in the VR technology. Facebook acquired Oculus Rift and couple of months later Samsung revealed special headset for its phablet Galaxy Note 4. It uses the 4K display of the phone to become a full fledged virtual reality headset. Just couple of days ago, Samsung show off its latest version of Gear VR (first one pictured above). The new one is developed to work with the flagship Galaxy S6.

Valve and HTC are also working together for producing VR headset – Vive. Sony also has similar project – Morpheus. As the interest in this technology is increasing the first more functional headsets like Vive and Morpheus are likely to become commercially available to the end of the year.

Google’s work on virtual reality version of Android will be on time when the market may have its first couple of headsets. The Internet giant allegedly will want to be part of this new wave of gadgets and to hold the grip around the mobile devices. For now Android is the dominant OS among smartphones and tablets. In the smartwatches area it failed for now to gain such success. It will be big misstep for Google to miss the opportunity to get fast into the Virtual Reality tech.

So this rumors sounds pretty convincing, but there are no further details for now.

Plausibility for Google to develop its own virtual reality version of Android – 55%

Image Credit: Maurizio Pesce

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