Google prepares bigger Nexus tablet


October may be a month full of new Google branded devices, as the Internet giant prepares to possibly unleash smartphone Nexus 6, as also the bigger tablet Nexus 8 or 9. For now all the information about them is only as a various rumors, because Google remains silent for the moment and there is now confirmation for any of one. The speculations are about two dates – 8th or 16th of October, and the last one is more consistent in the web space for the Nexus tablet.

Both dates are rumor to be a launch time for the Nexus tablet. The expectations for the tablet is that Google with collaboration with HTC to release a bigger 8.9 inches tablet. There are argues about the exact naming of the device – will it be Nexus 8 ot 9. Google usually links the number with the screen size and in this case it is close to 9 inches, but not fully, at least by the rumors. So if you search the Internet you will find it with both names. Also there is no consensus for the date – some sources suggest that Google will launch it on 8th, and others – on 16th of October. And there are no hard evidence to support each one of the dates. Maybe the Internet giant is waiting to see when Apple will make its own iPad event and schedule its launches accordingly.

There are not enough info about the specs too. The new Nexus 8 or 9 will use the updated version of Android L, dubbed as Lion. And will have integrated 8-megapixels rear camera and 3-megapixels front one. Also it will be NFC and LTE enabled. Previous rumors suggested that the new tablet will come or at least will offer a new keyboard cover for better productivity. It may feature a special waterproof 16-megapixels add-on for the camera, but there is a small chance for this one. Rumors from PhoneArena points out nVidia Tegra K1 chipset and 3GB of RAM.

Interestingly nVidia partially confirms the Nexus 9 with a lawsuit against Samsung and Qualcomm for patent infringement. In the papers the company mentions Nexus 9 as a new tablet which will come in the early 2014.

Image Credit: Houang Stephane

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