Google’s mobile network may work only with Nexus 6


google mobile network nexus 6After a lot of rumors Google hinted for possible launch of its own mobile network earlier this week. But new reports emerged that the new wireless infrastructure will work only with Nexus 6 smartphones.

The Internet giant is planning to launch the new service in the end of March.  According to the latest rumors, Google’s mobile network will work only with Nexus 6 as it will restricted the handsets which can use it. Those devices are designed by Google and manufactured by Motorola Mobility. The last company is a former smartphone unit to the tech giant, but now it’s owned by Lenovo.

The new mobile network will not work with older Nexus models, according to the report from Wall Street Journal.

The specific mobile network

These restriction will be possible because of the nature of the mobile network itself. It will work together with T-Mobile USA and Sprint existing cellular networks, combined with available Wi-Fi hot spots. It will choose the best signal in any moment and user’s location for better experience.

All this require perfect coordination between smartphone’s hardware and software. For this reason Google has chosen its latest design handset – the Nexus 6. The device has cleanest version of the mobile OS Android, as the other handsets uses very heavily modified platforms both by carriers and manufacturers.

Only experiment

Also Motorola Mobility has some experience with this kind of multi-channel mobile networks. The company developed for three of its handsets – Motorola G, X and E. They support services from a virtual mobile operator Republic Wireless. It uses mostly Wi-Fi hotspots to establish connection. When such service is not available it automatically switches to Sprint’s cellular network.

The idea for hopping from a network to another is embedded in the latest version of Android – Lollipop. The platform has the possibility to find the best suited Wi-Fi network and switches seamlessly between one to another.

This shows that Google is researching in this area for a long time. The ultimate goal is to ensure a fully non-disruptive signal and seamless mobile connection to the Web.

So it is very possible the new Google’s mobile network to have only a research purposes. To see if hopping between two or three operators and networks could achieve such goal. And using only Nexus 6 as a test device it will ensure more controllable environment for this experiment.

Plausibility for a test only mobile network – 70%

Plausibility for the mobile network to work only with Nexus 6 – 75%

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