Google’s smart contact lenses are closer to the market



Google's smart contact lenses
Image Source – Google

More than an year ago Google reveal it is working on a smart contact lenses and it seems that they are closer to the market. As the Internet giant patented a way to package them for the customers. This is the first step for possible market debut for the new contact lenses.

Google is working together with the pharmaceutical company Novartis to produce the new devices. There is no official launch date to the new smart contact lenses. But Google has a long way before this miniature smart thing is ready for the consumers. It needs a lot of testing and approval of the health regulators before it sell it in the market.

What are the Google’s smart contact lenses?

At first glance it sounds like a miniature version of Google Glass – the Internet giant’s smart glasses with head up display. But there are not. They have special sensor which detects the glucose in the eye tears. Google is aiming to observe the sugar in the human body of the consumer via this device. With the technology it may help the people with diabetes to monitor their blood sugar and take measures if it is gone to high.

According to the papers released by Google and Novartis the smart contact lenses are still in a test phase. It is needed to determine if there is correlation between the sugar in the tears and in the blood. If there is a such thing the sensor can calculate the blood sugar using the the glucose in the tears. Still there is need for some research and tests.

The sensor is sandwiched between two layers of traditional contact lenses and it transmits data via wireless connection. The components of the sensors are so tiny they will not be visible for the user.

Release date – still unknown

Google filled a patent file for the packaging the smart lenses. Because they have sensors it will be better it can be stored safely without damaging the technology inside them.  Nor Google, nor Novartis commented yet for a release date, but it may be sooner than most people are thought.

The technology is not so complicated, but it needs testing and as we mention – approval for market usage. It will not be a miniature Google Glass, but it will be step toward health wearable with real life applications.

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