GoPro Hero 4 might come to the end of 2014


One of the most popular sports camera GoPro may have an upgrade to the end of the year. According to various rumors the new Hero 4 will be launch in the Q4 2014. Some predictions pointed out that the sales might start from October, but for now there is no official date. The Chief executive director of the company Nick Woodman hinted in August that the new GoPro Hero 4 “will be a smashing hit”.

From that point the investors are bulling heavily on the GoPro’s shares and they achieved 80% growth. This outpaced Apple’s shares which before iPhone 6 launch was up only with 34% for example.

But Woodman didn’t mention any release date of the Hero 4. And the speculations are started to grow. Wall Street Journal made a conservative suggestion for Q4 release, but smaller blogs went aggressively for October launch. One of the most valid point is that, GoPro’s previous product release was last October. The launch of the current Hero 3 model boosted 40% the sales of the company and it helped for delivering record results and profit for the Q4.

It is very plausible to release the new GoPro Hero 4 in October, because it will come before the Christmas holidays which are the golden period for retail sales and consumers electronic. There is a possibility for a little bit late Q4 launch – just for the holiday season. So both suggestions are plausible. But as we mention – there is no official date for now.

For the tech specs of the new camera there are rumors for 4k video recording feature, which will be shot in 30 frames per second. The HD resolution will take a frame boost – 1080p recordings will be at 120 fps and 720p – at 240 fps. This is a lot of frames and possibilities for slow motion. The alleged specs included 13-megapixel sensor, improved lens for low light shootings, Multi-Exposure and HDR WDR tone mapping, electronic image stabilization, and an improved MCTF.

But the uncertain thing in the rumor mill is the price. Some speculate for 340 dollars retail price, others – for the staggering 499.95 dollars. The current Hero 3+ Black costs 399.95 dollars and it is logical the new model will be at this price point or a little bit expensive.

Image credit: Andreas Kambanis

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