HTC may join the smartwatch race


The gates of the smartwathes are open and almost every big smartphone maker showed some models. Even Apple stop its traditions and join the new hot niche with its new wearable device. But we have no official word from HTC. The Taiwanese electronic producer has some initial plans to offer such device and not long time ago there was information which said that the project is scrapped. The reason – there is a believe in the company that it will not be competitive enough in this category.

Nevertheless HTC is still working on its own smartwatch. The ambition of the company is to make a device which will stand out from the crowd. The rumor is that HTC’s smartwatch will be ready for the early 2015. The company announced an event at 8th of October  in New York, but it will not show the new device.  At least this is the unofficial information, HTC didn’t comment to the‘s questions for this topic.

This rumor has a very high plausibility because HTC had some previous ambitions to make a smartwatch. And now like everyone in the mobile industry is making such devices, there is very big possibility that it will lost the big wave. If it come later there will be small or no chance to get in the market at all. There are already such fears for the Apple Watch – because it will come at 2015 and in the market will have the third generation of smartwatches. HTC needs to stay in the mobile battle and to do this it will need at least one smarthwatch to match the competition. There are two problems – first almost everyone will have such devices at the market next year, second if this category doesn’t catch consumers heart it will be waste of money. And HTC is in no position to waste money right now.

Image Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns

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