Huawei Honor or the Chinese Google Glass


Huawei is making an own version of Google Glass and it may be near to reveal it. The latest rumors suggested that the Chinese manufacturer is preparing a model of smart glasses which are to be named Huawei Honor. The origin of the speculations are pictures of the new device which were posted on the social site Weibo.

Google Glass vs Huawei Honor

They have some resemblance to the Google Glass. They combined a normal glass frame with integrated on the right side module where is located the hardware of the device such as the head up display, the camera and etc. But the design is a little bit different from the Google counterpart – the frame is much more bulky in compare the thin and elegant Google Glass.

Also the module is far bigger and bulky from the Google’s one. And by the rumors it will be fitted with a 5-megapixel camera, a 640 x 480 resolution display and gesture recognition. The operating system which will be used is set to be Android 4.4.

Like a F-16 fighter

The last speculation is that the new Huawei Honor will incorporate a technology for the head mounted displays from the aircraft fighter F-16 Fighting Falcon. Lumus the company which supplies this military grade technology announced this spring that it is willing to sell it to consumers electronic manufacturers.

Lumus already showcased its binocular DK-32 and monocular DK-40 kits,which can be used by civilian companies.

According to the PhoneArena the Huawei Honor’s module bear a striking resemblance to the monocular DK-40 kit. The concept was showcased on a glass frame and… if you look at them – they look identical!  The only difference is the label on the module – on the military developer there is the a “Lumus” name on its side and on the Huawei it bears in the same place “Honor”.

Real or fake?

There are two possibilities. First one is that Lumus and Huawei worked together on the project from at least march when the military contractor showed off its DK-40 kit. Or the images on Weibo are just faked photos using the Lumus ones with just by putting a new label on it.

Also there is a third possibility. The Weibo post consist of three images – the glasses, a posted with a name and some sort of date date and a small Android image. It is plausible that the leaking source (or Huawei) didn’t have the image of the actual device and tried to improvised a little bit.

Nevertheless, there are some cracks in this rumor after put it in the blender.

Plausibility for a real Huawei Honor – 45%

Image Credit: Lumus

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