iPad Pro release date is pushed for late 2015


Apple may push back the iPad Pro release date for late 2015. According to a new rumor the bigger 12.9-inches tablet will be one sale for the second half of the next year. The reason to believe in this is the leak of the lower shipments of the current models iPad in the first three months of 2015. This may indicate that a production for a new model will be ramped in the second quarters next year. All this could indicate that the iPad Pro release date will be pushed for Q3 or Q4 2015.

Shipments drop

The speculations were made by KGI Research after watching some leaks about the expected sharp drop in shipments in the first quarter against the last three months of 2014. Total shipments of iPads will decline with 54 percent from 21 million units to only 9.7 million.  Usually Apple reduces the production of its device couple of months before releasing new model. It diverted assets for making the new smartphones or tablets just one or two months before launch. This way it will have enough to put on sale on time and not to wait couple of more and loses the hype after the presentation. So following this logic iPad Pro release date will be sometime in the second half of 2015, as production will starts in the second quarter.

This dismissed previous speculations that the bigger iPad will be released in the first three months of the next year. But some blogs misread the information and couldn’t differentiate between production and actual launch of the device. So most of them writes that iPad release date is pushed for Q2 2015. The only logic behind this is that Apple will continue to produce old models of tablets, because in the KGI Research data there is information only for the current iPads models. But the company from Cupertino first will gradually drop making the current models and after that it will boost production of the new one. So it is pretty inaccurate interpretation of the data.

Questions regarding iPad Pro release date

There are lots of uncertainty about this information as well. First of all there is no official confirmation or little bit more hard evidence that a bigger iPad is in the future Apple’s portfolio. Only rumors resurfaced in the past months nevertheless that most of them were dismissed in the Apple’s iPad event in Octomber. They definitely needed one if they want to win more corporate clients and with this to boost declining tablet sales. Second there is always seasonal drop in sales between Q4 and Q1, so it’s logical for Apple to reduce shipments in the first three months. In Q4 is the holiday season which skyrocketed the sales every year for the new devices. So nevertheless the decline is very steep it is expected and it may not indicate that Apple will start a production of a new device in Q2. Which inevitably lead to question the idea of possible iPad Pro release date for second half of 2015.

Plausibility for iPad Pro release date for H2 2015 – 65%

Plausibility for iPad Pro release date for Q2 2015 – 25%

Image Credit: Vincent Brown (CC)

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