Leaks reveals small changes of Galaxy S6 size


size of Galaxy S6 Galaxy S5Samsung’s smartphone evolution is all about increasing the screens of its devices, but recent leaks showed that there may be no significant changes of Galaxy S6 size. The French site Nowhereelse.fr obtained some schematics which are claim to be for a case for the new South Korean flagship model.

They showed that the size of Galaxy S6 is similar to the dimensions of the current Galaxy S5. The new model will be 143.52 mm long, will have width of 70.7 mm and thickness off 7.19 mm. The current Samsung’s flagship has dimensions of 142 x 72.5 x 8.1 mm and this will make the new model taller, narrower and slimmer.

If those schematics are accurate, the differences between the current and the new handset will be minimal. At least on paper. The form of the cases also suggests that the Galaxy S6 will have more angular shape rather that the current smooth edges of the S5. Most probably this is because of the alleged aluminum casing that the next Samsung flagship is rumored to have.

The previous rumors showed some angular aluminum casing which supposedly are for the new Galaxy S6. Back then the leaked photos didn’t provide enough information about Galaxy S6 size. Still both leaks comes from Nowhereelse.fr and are still about to be confirmed from other sources.

The similar Galaxy S6 size doesn’t mean that the new handset will have similar screen. Actually it can house a bigger display if the bezel is more thinner.

This rumor contradicts to the current expectations that Samsung will increase the size of Galaxy S6 compared to S5. It is part of the evolution of the South Korean manufacturer who loves to introduce bigger and bigger handsets. This time the size upgrade of Galaxy S6 may have drawbacks. Because it can cannibalize the sales of the Galaxy Note 4. If upgraded the differences between the two devices will be minimal and thus consumers will have less interest to buy the Note 4.

Plausibility of the similar Galaxy S6 size – 65%

Image Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns (CC)

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