LG G4 may have a stylus like Galaxy Note



The stylus was the biggest incentive for users to buy Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones, but now this area may get crowded. The recent rumors suggested that LG may incorporate this accessory into its next flagship smartphone – the LG G4.

The South Korean company filled a trademark for G-Pen stylus. It is for now unclear that this accessory will be exclusive item for the LG G4 or it may be sold separately  and work for some range of devices.

LG G4 rumors and tech specs

The new reports for now suggested that LG may slash the possible upgraded version of its current flagship smartphone – the LG G Pro 3. This device was expected to have a larger almost 6-inches screen like its predecessors.

But even the current LG G3 has a 5.5-inches display and it fits into the phablet category. This makes the Pro line hard to fit into the company’s portfolio. So it is possible that LG is gonna replace the Pro directly with the G4.

The previous speculations were that the G Pro 3 will include a new NUCLUN CPU – a home brew chip from LG. But the possible poor reception may made the South Korean company to slash the both projects altogether. Which reinforce the possibility of the LG G4’s upcoming debut.

The new flagship is expected to have the newest processor Snapdragon 810 from Qualcomm, but the pursuit for the top-notch CPU may delay the device.

LG G4 is rumored to have a QuadHD display, almost no bezel to the screen (like 0.7mm against 1.15 mm for the G3) and high-end camera. The screen is expected to be a little smaller from the current model – LG G4 is poised for 5.3 inches against 5.5-icnhes of the G3.

The possible stylus app

The South Korean company make another trademark – G-Scrawler. This sounds like a mobile application that will work with the G-Pen. So there is a possibility that we may see the stylus for couple of devices.

It is possible LG to release or show off the LG G4 in the CES. This release or presentation date is plausible because according to the latest rumors the new 5.3 inches screen is already in production. But also there are reports for a lot of problems with the new CPU. So there is a possibility for the consumers to wait until MWC in Barcelona in March to see the new device.

Image Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns

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