LG G4 may have very thin bezel


The next smartphone from LG G4 may feature very thin bezel. According to the latest rumors from Techradar.com the successor of G3 will be unveiled this month and will have super thin bezel – only 0.7 millimeter. The current flagship of LG already has the thinnest bezel with its impressive 1.15 mm.

Now the South Korean company slimmed down even further for its new smartphone. If the information is correct the tech giant already has a prototype which will enter almost immediately  serial production. LG G4 will feature a little bit smaller display – 5.3 inches against 5.5 for the G3.

The Neo Edge

The super thin bezel isn’t the only new thing in the next LG’s flagship, but behind it stands the not so easy to develop Neo Edge technology. It uses an adhesive rather than tape to seal the circuit board and backlight. Also there is no plastic guide panel which is a common feature in the other LG’s LCD panels.

There is a third component of making the super thin display – the touchscreen panel is embeded into the LCD display. This technology LG call it AIT Tech and Samsung used the similar technology for their AMOLED displays.

According to the rumors the screen will be mass produced in November and will be offered in China. But there is a catch – LG doesn’t tell if they release with the display a new flagship. The company’s display unit also delivers products to a different smartphone manufacturers which includes Apple and their iPhones. So we may see the new technology to be embedded first on some other non-LG devices. And from this you may see a November release date for LG G4 as not so reliable.

LG G4 Tech specs

Nevertheless if LG G4 hit the market to the end of the year there are some other reports about the hardware of the next company’s flagship.

It may feature an octa-core processor packed with four 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A15 cores and four 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A7 cores. According to the rumors this new processor is developed internally by  LG.

The reports suggests that the LG G4 will have an upgrade to its camera. The 13 megapixel one for the G3 will be replaced by a 20 MP camera, with updated optical image stabilization.

Plausibility for LG G4 rumors:

November release – 30%

For super thin bezel display – 75%

Image Credit: LG

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