LG G4 rumored in CES 2015


LG G3 G4 rumorsLG G4 was rumored in CES after the director of corporate communications in the company tipped about its possible release during an interview in Las Vegas.

Speaking with TrustedReviews in CES the LG’s official Ken Hong mention about the future flagship of the South Korean manufacturer. Talking about the G3’s replacement Hong reference to it as G4.

I don’t think we are going to be able to sit back and expect people are just going to fawn over the G4, or whatever the name will be, just because they liked the G3“, he said when asked if LG is going to offer something new in its next high-end handset.
Hong immediately backtracked and make a qualifier about the name. Nevertheless this is a big hint about the name of the next LG’s flagship. The company loves to make such controlled leaks from their officials before big launches.
For now there are no further information about the potential tech specs of the G4. It was rumored that it will have the same 64-bit processor Snapdragon 810 introduced in the new LG G Flex 2 in CES. Also LG showed in Las Vegas smartphone with curved display on the both edges. LG could implement this design into the G4, but it is more possible that the deice is only a prototype.
Other rumors are suggesting a possible addition of stylus to the flagship like Samsung’s Galaxy Note.  Also it is speculated that LG G4 will have very thin bezel.
As Hong noted LG will try to differentiate itself from the other producers. So it needs to find a design feature to embrace. The curved display is a possible solution, but a bendable one is also a possibility. LG is working on a stylus dub named G-Pen, but still Samsung is heavily betting on this feature in its Galaxy Note series.
About the name – there are no expecting surprises. G4 is a strong brand name for now and there is now apparent need for a change right now. But LG will need to push the boundaries further to get more market share.
Plausibility for LG G4 – 85%
Image credit: Kārlis Dambrāns (CC)

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