LG is developing a dual edge screen


LG dual edge screenA smartphone with dual edge screen – sounds like the next Galaxy S6 from Samsung, right? Wrong – it is the new leaked prototype of LG. Or at least it looks like in first glance.

During CES in Las Vegas, LG organized special and private showroom on which it showed more untraditional devices and concepts for close and potential clients. One of the devices stood up – it was a smartphone with a dual edge curved screen. Or it seems to be one.

Dual edge screen for everyone

It is developed from LG Display and the technology is called Active Bending. The showed product was not an actual smartphone, but just a technical preview of a special screen. This is understandable because of who is behind its development.

LG Display is the specialized division for displays which doesn’t means that the South Korean company will make a device with this technology. But it is possible LG to offer it for other OEM’s who could make an own smartphones with this interesting display.

Xiaomi in the spotlight

One of the companies which show interest in the dual edge screen is the Chinese OEM Xiaomi. It is believed that it will be the first producer which may incorporate the new display.

But still there are some problems before possible launch. The first issue is the resolution of the dual edge screen. LG showed a 6-inch display, but with a low HD resolution. It needs to pump a little bit the pixel count or it will definitely lose advantage. There is no guarantee that LG will ship to its partners the same display, it may sell a better one.

The second problem is the software tweaks which are needed to make use of this dual edge screen. Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge has special software to make the curved part of the display as a special “Menu lane”. It served like the programed touch screen buttons for some high end laptops, but it is an actual part of the screen.

Still there is a chance to see a LG smartphone with implemented Active Bending or dual edge screen. It is possible that South Korean company to make a special version for its next flagship G4.

Possible for dual edge LG smartphone – 45%

Possible for dual edge Xiaomi smartphone – 40%

Image Credit: inews24.com

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