LG is developing a real flexible displays


LG is developing a real flexible display and it will starts to reveal them from the next year and we may see a very interesting devices to 2017. The South Korean company confirmed that it will continue its research in plastic-OLED displays or P-OLED.

LG showed a road map for possible developments of this technology. According to it in matter of few years we may see devices with fully bendable, fold up or curved screens. The tech giant already introduces the P-OLED in its smartwatches G Wear R.

The evolution of the flexible display

But the ambitions of LG are to get a real ahead with this technology. The P-OLED will became real flexible display in just matter of years. In 2015 the company is planning to introduce the first “bending” smartphone. In 2017 LG will put into production devices with not only flexible displays, but with foldable and rollable screens for easy transportation.

Somewhere in the middle around 2015-2016 the company is envision that will have a smartwatches with fully curved screens. The flexible displays will be also introduced for tablets in the same time.

Plastic versus glass

The main advantage of the P-OLED against the traditional  LED screens and its derivatives is that its made of plastic. The normal OLED and AMOLED screens are from glass which is easy to break up and scratch and therefore could not be used as a flexible display.

According to LG the P-OLED will be less likely to break and it has a simpler structure and this will allowed much thinner bezel. The tech giant is also rumored that it planned a new screen for a flagship smartphones with almost no bezel.

LG didn’t provide detail information about the technology and only focused on the P-OLED basics and the road map.

But 2015 is closing in and so we see if LG will be capable of showing a new and high-tech mobile devices with flexible displays in the next months.

Image Credit: LG

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