LG works on webOS smartwatch


LG once was the first of the tech giants which joins the implementation of Android Wear platform for its smartwatches. But now a new report is says that LG is developing a new smartwatch running the infamous webOS. The operating system was developed by Palm for its legendary PDA’s and it was meant to succeed PalmOS. The webOS was released in 2009, but never became a hit in the mass market. Palm was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2011, but the webOS was later sold to LG and now it’s integrated on some smart television set of the South Korean company.

The rumor has some plausibility, because LG’s main competitor – Samsung – uses its Tizen OS for some of its smartwatches. Also LG has full access to the source code of webOS and could alter and tweak the platform to be suitable for wearables. Because it works on a very lightweight architecture and the user interface is card based it can do good job for smartwatches. So it is possible that webOS refuse to die without a fight and maybe we may see it integrated in wearables.

The main source of the rumor is fueled by a short leak on the official LG web page. It is a portal for a developers of webOS for smartwatches. But when the news spread out, the company swiftly remove it.

So if this speculation is true, that will bring bad news for Google. This is because Android Wear is not very preferable from the tech companies. Also it will increase the fragmentation of the smartwatch platforms, as for now we have Apple, Google, Samsung and possible LG with their own OS for wearables. And Microsoft said that in their Windows 10 could manage smaller devices even with no screen at all, which could bring them for the race too.

Plausibility – 65%

Image Credit: Ian Lamont

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