LG’s curved G Flex 2 debuts on CES

LG G Flex 2 LG curved G Flex 2
LG’s curved G Flex 2 debuts on CES

LG presented the new curved G Flex 2 smartphone on CES in Las Vegas as it was expected. It is the first flagship handset that made its debut on the biggest annual tech events for now. And it seems that maybe it will be the lonely star of the show in CES.

The new curved G Flex 2 matched the rumors almost exactly. The display has shrunken to 5.5-inches from 6-inches for the first model. This makes the smartphone more compact and easy to handle. The 6-inch screen of the predecessor makes it big and awkward to use, especially with one hand. The new curved G Flex 2 fix this problem.

LG’s new handset is the first one which is having the new Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor.  The smaller screen of the curved G Flex 2 also allows to have better resolution – it is upgraded from 720p to 1080p. The curve itself has some changes – the bend is smaller which makes it less aggressive and easy to hold.

As it was rumored before – LG puts a second generation from its “self-healing” shell for the back of the phone, for its new curved G Flex 2. Now the plastic back case can recover for just 10 seconds from small scratches and brushes.

The phone will launch with Android 5.0 Lollipop and 2GB of RAM. The storage options are 16GB or 32GB, which could be extended with a microSD card.

The camera is a 13MP with dual-LED flash, and a 2.1MP front camera.

The new curved G Flex 2 will be on sale in South Korea to the end of the month and afterwards it will hit other markets. But still LG will place a higher price tag than the current flagship G3. The first LG G Flex has the same problem so it was one of the main reasons for a weak demand.

This is the biggest confirm rumor at the moment at this year’s CES. There are some other speculations about flagship smartphones which the producers apparently will wait until the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to unveil.

Image Credit: LG

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