Microsoft Band is officially revealed


Microsoft confirmed the rumors that it may join the race for wearables and revealed today the Microsoft Band.  The new device will run the health software of the company – Microsoft Health. Like the other smartbands this one will also needs to be sync with a smartphone to use its apps and hardware.

But unlike some other wearables, the new smartband will be available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This is a big advantage because it gives a wider options for the users. There aren’t bound to buy only a specific smartphone or to be part of only one platform to use the Microsoft Band.

This is the first wearable of Microsoft so what it offers? A lot for a smartband. It has common fitness tracker features like step tracking and more premium features such as GPS and a heart rate monitor. It also have features more commonly offered in smartwatches such as a color touchscreen, notifications and options to link to a e-payment accounts. The battery can last for 2 days which is more that the most smartwatches.

A very useful features is the compatibility with Cortana – the voice assistant from Windows Phone 8.1. The user can accept incoming calls from its smartphone and review notifications from Facebook, Twitter, SMSs from the phone and etc. Also it has a clock so with so many features you may actually think its a smartwatch. Well it hasn’t got any operating system installed which means it couldn’t run applications at its own.

The new Microsoft Band has its price – $199. Which is more of the range of a smartwatch not a smartband, but with so many features it may attract the consumers.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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