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Microsoft may put its browser Internet Explorer to an end and the tech giant is developing a new one code-name “Spartan”. The change is apparently planned to happened with the release of the Windows 10 in 2015. The Spartan browser will be the default one and the Internet Explorer will be ditched or put in the sidelines.

But what is Spartan and why it isn’t just a new version of the IE? First of all Microsoft wants to introduce new lightweight browser which to look like Mozilla’s Firefox or Google’s Chrome. Secondly the changes introduced to date with the Internet Explorer 11 make it very different from its predecessors. And the new ambition of Microsoft is to optimize its browser further and rename it as Spartan.

The changes

The new browser will use the Microsoft’s Trident page rendering engine and the Chakra JavaScript engine that are the foundation of the IE11, but a little bit version of them. Actually the software giant has two different versions of the Trident from 29th of December. This also support the idea that the company is developing two browsers. According to the report from ZDNet the whole purpose of the new Spartan is to introduce a lightweight browser with similar user experience as the Firefox and Chrome.

The rumors suggested that Microsoft will introduce Spartan with the Windows 10, but the new operating system will be accompaniment with IE11 for backward-compatibility reasons.The Spartan browser will be available not only in the desktop version, but also will cover the mobile devices.

Why Spartan?

IE has a long history in the tech world. But its reputation is more negative rather than positive. Especially after Microsoft’s browser is losing ground to the market share because of the rise of Firefox and Chrome. Also in the mobile world dominated mainly by Apple’s Safari and Google’s mobile web browser, IE has almost no footprint there. Microsoft will be eager to change the outcome.

The technical modifications will not be enough so it needed a new marketing strategy and brand. The name Spartan is very likely to be chosen from Microsoft. This is the name of the elite soldiers from the Halo video gaming franchise own by the tech giant. Microsoft already named its new voice assistant to other character from the game – the AI Cortana.

And now the software giant from Redmond is hoping that the Spartan will turn the tides in the browser’s war in the similar way which the spartan warriors made in Halo in the battle between Earth’s forces and the alien group Covenant.

The ZDnet report also suggested that Microsoft will introduce the Spartan browser in its planned Windows 10 event in January. There are also speculations that it will be included in the next Technical Preview of the OS. Those rumors are the most questionable, but they are still possible.

Plausibility for a new Microsoft browser named Spartan – 75%

 Image Credit: Brian (CC)

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