Microsoft is making its voice assistant for Android and iOS


Cortana for Android and iOS rumors

Microsoft is making its voice assistant Cortana for Android and iOS. According to the rumors, it will be in form of a standalone app to compete with the native for the platforms Google Voice and Siri.

For now Cortana is available only for some Windows Phone devices, upgraded to version 8.1. But not all handsets got the voice assistant after updating the operating system. And for now Cortana is available just for the newest Windows Phone smartphones in the market.

Microsoft is already working on the next version of its voice assistant. It will  feature more cognitive functions. Like better reading and understanding emails and etc. Those benefits will come from a project for artificial intelligence technology called “Einstein”.

But rumors suggested that the software giant will open Cortana for other mobile platforms. So it is very plausible to see Cortana for Android and iOS.

The possibility for such scenario is big actually. Microsoft is planning to introduce Cortana for desktops and tablets as it will include the voice assistant into Windows 10.

Microsoft is opening its main software for Apple’s and Google’s platforms in the last year. It started to roll out the full functionality for its Office packet and One Drive services for iOS and Android.

So nevertheless that Microsoft it isn’t confirmed the rumors for preparing Cortana for Android and iOS, it will be logical step for the company. The software giant is trying to make a bigger exposure for its software products and services into various platforms.

This may come as a drawback for Windows Phone as it will lose the smaller edge that it may have against the most popular mobile OS in the world right now. Microsoft can achieve more as it tries to open its services to everyone especially if make it easy for developers for making universal apps for Windows 10.

Plausibility for Cortana for Android and iOS – 70%

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