Microsoft is preparing bigger Surface Pro 4


The next version of Microsoft’s tablet may be not a tablet at all and according to the rumors Surface Pro 4 will have 14-inches display.¬† This will be further development of the Surface line in terms of forging a attractive form factor. The tech giant tries to win the corporate sector and increases the size of the tablets. The Surface Pro 3 has 12-inches display against 10 inches of the first two models.

The bigger – the better

And if the new wave of rumors are accurate this trend will continue. The reports are that the next Surface Pro 4 will have 13 or even 14 inches screen which will place it into the laptop area. There is not much information about it – the rumors are activated after Microsoft denied the speculations that will exit the tablet market. The software giant double the Surface sales in the last quarter on the year to year basis.

The reason that Microsoft will increase the size of its tablet is that the corporate sector prefers a little bit bigger devices in terms of display. This is necessary  for a better productivity, especially when you need more screen real estate to work on.

There is an another argument in favor of a bigger screen for Surface Pro 4. In its ads Microsoft is comparing the current model Surface Pro 3 with a 13-inches MacBook Air. This means that the software giant is making its tablet to focus more on a compact laptops rather than in the pure tablet segment.

Some rumors are suggesting that Microsoft will retain the 12-inch form factor for Surface Pro 4. For now the exact size of the new tablet/laptop will depend on the researches what kind of device want the business sector.

The 12-inches Surface Pro 3 already got positive reviews and a little boost in sales. Also the device met the General Services Administration (GSA) criteria. This open the way for U.S. federal, state and local organizations, plus federal civilian and defense agencies, to purchase Surface through GSA. And the government is a very lucrative contractor as we know it.

Surface Pro 4 release date

There are no confirm information for the exact date when Microsoft will release Surface Pro 4. If the company follow its current product launches we may expect the new device somewhere in 2015 – more probably in Q2 or Q3.

According some speculations Surface Pro 4 is already ready in terms of design and hardware, but Microsoft will wait to release it for some time.

Also there are no leaks about the tech specs and so the big question still remains – will the software giant will use the new Intel low-powered processors or will it rely again on the i3/5/7 family?

Plausibility for bigger Surface Pro 4 – 65%

Image Credit: Microsoft

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