Microsoft may join the race for wearables


Microsoft may join the race for wearables as it plans to launch a smart device for the wrist. Probably it will be a smart watch and it could track user’s heart rate and maybe it will have more than two days battery life of regular use. It is not as shocking as it sounds in the first place. Because when Microsoft announced their new operating system Windows 10, in the presentation there were the devices which it will work with. They ranged from smart watches to big 80-inches TV screens. So it won’t be surprise if the software company works on this kind of device.

According to the rumors Microsoft’s new wearable will have an unorthodox feature: it could sync with different mobile platforms – iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The smart watch will use the optical engineering expertise from Kinect’s division. For now there are now information how it will be named or what price tag it will have.

The reports suggests that the device will be ready in the next weeks in hope to catch the holiday season. But it will be a risky move for Microsoft. The smart watch market is still in its infant stage with small consumers interest. Nevertheless it is expected to explode to 7.1 billion dollars in 2015. Especially when Apple launches its Apple Watch next year. The strong side of the new wearable if it hit the market it’s in the feature to sync with everyone from the top three mobile platforms and durable battery life.

The downside? Microsoft doesn’t have good history with small consumers electronics. We remember (or to be more precisely – we don’t remember) Zune – the iPod killer, which failed to intrigue the users. Also for now Windows Phone grab under 3% market share in the smartphone market. All this points out the the new ventures of the software company are struggling to gain foothold.

In the other hand Microsoft needs to play on the whole battlefield of consumers electronics because of its strategy to have unified platform for all kind of devices. This includes the wearables – the new hot topic of the tech gadgets.

And if we put the Microsoft’s smart watch in the blender the result is – 65% plausibility.

Image Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns

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