Microsoft may launch smaller and cheaper XBox One


Microsoft is working on a smaller and cheaper XBox One, at least these are the last rumors that are in the Blender. The software company is trying to boost the competitiveness of its gaming console after taking initial sidesteps.

The hunt for the smaller console

According to a new rumors Microsoft maybe is trying to gain a new foothold in the console wars, as it working on a cheaper and probably smaller console. The reports are based on some interesting projects of  Daniel McDonnell a senior manager in AMD. The chip company is apparently “successfully planned and executed the first APU for XBox One”, which will use smaller 28nm technology and cost-reducing variant of it.

This means two things for Microsoft’s console. The first one is that the company is preparing a smaller and more power-efficient chipset, which will leads to a more compact casing of the current XBox One. Synthesized in two words – smaller console. The cost-reduced variant means that the new version will have also a cheaper derivate, probably with a little reduces processing power.

The rumors are actually coming from the professional social network LinkedIn. There other hints from there which may lead to the conclusion that Microsoft is preparing a X-Box One Slim. The software company has open job positions for XBox Game Console Development Team specialized in performance, cost reducing and other stuff into that technical area.

Reversing the trend

After the launch the XBox One initially the rival device PlayStation 4 by Sony dominated the sales. And there are some reasons – the Microsoft’s console was with $100 expensive because it was permanently bundled with the Kinect add on. Also there was a backlash from the gamers against some controversial decisions like not allowing the use of second-hand games and etc. PlayStation 4 grabbed gamers hearts by a little bit better visual quality and cheaper price and the sales skyrocketed. And for now it looks like that Sony may prevail in the new generation console wars.

But Microsoft is taking steps to reinforce its XBox business. The software giant cut the prices and introduce new offers. The results are double rise in the sales and there is hope that XBox One is starting to catch on PlayStation 4.

The rumors for smaller and cheaper console fits well in the aggressive Microsoft’s strategy to push more in the competition wit Sony. So they sounds logical.

Plausibility 65%

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