Microsoft may lock Windows 10 devices for other OSes


Microsoft may lock Windows 10 devicesMicrosoft may lock Windows 10 devices which will restrict the users to install other OSes. According to the latest reports the so annoying UEFI secure boot will be permanently enabled in Windows 10 mobile devices and the producers will have a choice if to include this feature in desktops or not.

The news leaked out in a hardware conference in Shenzhen, China.In it Microsoft has a presentation about the requirements for the OEM’s to get Windows 10 certificate for their devices.

In the current Windows 8 machines the user can disable the secure boot feature if he wants to install different version of Windows or other OS like Linux. Actually the original UEFI secure boot is to protect the device from malware which can infect the firmware on a low level. Those viruses can affect the booting system and could cause a lot of damage.

It is a desirable feature, but also is the source of numerous forum threats online how to disable it in order to install different OS.

This means the UEFI can effectively lock Windows 10 devices to their preinstall OS.

So now Microsoft is pushing OEM to get more devices with the dual purpose component.

Still the good news is that Microsoft left the manufacturers a choice – to make a switch off mechanism for the secure boot or not. In the Windows 8 terms the software giant pressure all OEMs to include this feature and to give the user ability to disable it.

Even with Secure boot always on, the users could install other OSes. But the process will be more complex and will require more skills. And this will effectively means more lock Windows 10 devices for the normal users.

There is no official comment from Microsoft about this. But it has some logic for the software giant to lock Windows 10 to the newly produced devices. The company is aiming for a really big adoption of its new platform. Microsoft is ready to give it away for free for every Windows user from 7 to 8.1 0 – even to those with pirated copies.

So to make lock Windows 10 devices will help the tech giant to achieve this aim. Which makes this rumor very plausible.

Plausibility for Microsoft to lock Windows 10 devices – 75%

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