Microsoft may prepares both Surface Pro 4 and Mini in 2015


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Surface Mini

Microsoft may prepare both Surface Pro 4 and Mini which will be available sometime next year.  Or at least this points out the latest rumors, which resurrected the idea that the software giant it’s on its way of introducing a smaller tablet. According to the latest reports the Surface Mini may live and it is possible to see it in the 2015 alongside with Surface Pro 4.

The previous rumors suggested that Microsoft cancel the project in the summer 2014, but in the autumn there were a second wave of speculations that the Surface Mini may make its debut for this Christmas. It was rumored that Microsoft resume the production of the device and it will be ready to hit the market sometime in this winter. But this reports were shadowed by the rumors of the faith of the Microsoft’s tablets before the company’s earnings and for the possible bigger Surface Pro 4.

Now it is possible that Surface Mini may have the same form factor as the original Surface Pro and Pro 2. It is rumored that the Mini may have screen from 8 to 10.1-inches. The Surface Pro 4 is rumored to have 13 or bigger screen and to aim more to the laptop segment rather than the traditional tablets.

But the new rumors lacked of details. The first question is – what operating system will host the new tablet? If it is ready to debut in the early 2015 it is most likely the current Windows 8.1. And it is possible that it may come with the new version of the touch friendly Office software package which is expected in the coming months.

Because of the good sales figures in the third quarter of the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft is eager to continue to develop this kind of devices. So it is almost inevitable that we may see the next model – Surface Pro 4. It is rumored that it may have a bigger 13 or even 14 inches screen. In contrast – the current model has “only” 12 inches display.

The Surface Pro 4 is expected to hit the market sometime in 2015, most probably in the second half. There are some benefits of the little delay. First in this time frame is also expected to see the next Microsoft’s OS – Windows 10. And second – the company from Redmond may incorporate in the new tablets (Pro 4 and Mini) the new energy-efficient Broadwell chips from Intel.

Can we still wait for two tablets? Well for now Microsoft scrapped the RT version, so it is very plausible to have a second one a little bit smaller model. But will it be places as a opponent of the iPad Mini or the traditional iPad? This is a hard question, at least for now.

Plausibility for double debut of Surface Pro 4 and Surface Mini in 2015 – 65%

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