Microsoft may revive the Surface Mini


Microsoft may revive the Surface Mini – the small tablet which will head on with iPad Mini and Nexus 7. The latest reports suggests that the software giant is preparing the compact hybrid and a device named Surface 3 which will be on sale before the Holiday season. This speculation actually spawn couple of rumors – the first one is that Microsoft is reviving the smaller Surface Mini.

But from here are confused. According to some blogs alongside the compact tablet there will be ARM-based Surface 3 which will be based on the Windows RT. Microsoft shelved for some time the idea of its Surface line to include RT versions with the low-powered processors, but some suggests that the software giant is preparing two devices for Christmas. Other speculations move around the idea that the Surface Mini will be named Surface 3. And maybe it will be based on the Windows RT.

According to a tweet of TKnews “Sources claim surface mini to launch with surface 3 before holidays. Limited supply on mini”. So if we getting it right we will see two tablets from Microsoft. Rumors from few weeks are confirming that the tech giant from Redmond is pushing forward with the compact tablet. But the information was that Microsoft is not planning to mass produce and sell the Surface Mini. The main reasons for that are “hardware limitations” and “poor battery life” and this is why the software company is holding off this device.

If Microsoft confirm this rumors it will be interesting situation. Some reports are suggesting that the company is ready to stop the production of Surface tablets, because it is not profitable. The first and the second generations of the Surface family generated 1.7 billion dollars loss for the tech giant. It is a substantial amount, but don’t forget Microsoft’s console business was on the red for years and it’s still active. For now the software giant dismissed such speculations noted that it is very important part of its strategy to introduce the hybrids conception to business. And because of this rumors it made a very long and informative post about its commitment to it.

Microsoft mention about “roadmap” and this further fuel the rumor blender for the possible launch of Surface Pro 4 sometime in 2015.

Surface rumor blender:

– Chance to see Surface Mini – 60%

– Surface 3 (RT version for ARM CPU) – 60%

– Surface 4 in 2015 launch – 50%

– Microsoft will cease production – 15%

Image Credit: Vernon Chan

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