Microsoft showed off Lumia 535


Microsoft showed its first smartphone which doesn’t bear the name Nokia – the Lumia 535. With this move the company confirmed one and busted, for now, another rumor which surfaced before the launch.

The confirmed speculation is that the first smartphone of Microsoft without the Nokia brand will be a budget line device. The reports days before the launch were accurate and matched the leaked tech specs.

Inside Lumia 535

The new Microsoft Lumia 535 has a 5-inch qHD screen, a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 200 processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. It’ll also have a 5 megapixel rear camera. The new smartphone has integrated five Microsoft services – Skype, One Drive, Office, Cortana and OneNote.

The software giant usually puts them in the other Lumia devices, but we never seen them in such packet. Especially the voice assistant Cortana is absent from a lot of smartphones even in its current flagship – Lumia 930.

Microsoft Lumia 535 will continue the Nokia’s strategy for pushing more into the low-budget smartphones instead of the high-end class. And this is the reason why the new device will be available first in Asia and developing markets, and in a few months it will be on sale in Russia.

The most surprising part of the Lumia 535 is the price. It is slightly above its predecessors Lumia 520. The new device will cost to 110 euros or around $130. The previous model costs $114.

No flagship for now

The busted rumor is the absence of a new flagship from Microsoft. Just days before the event, there was a leak with a tech specs of a new high-end Lumia smartphone.

The speculations were for a device with similar size of Lumia 535, but with more powerful processor, more RAM, better screen and incredible 24-megapixels back camera. It was speculated that it will bear the name Lumia 940.

Microsoft may go with a new flagship in the coming months, but for now there are no indications that it will introduce one before the holiday season. And if you look more into the tech specs it will be with Windows Phone 10, which is still not officially introduced. So we may wait for a while for this device. And this leaves Lumia 930 to compete against the other high-end models of Apple, Samsung and etc.

The rumors for showing off a Lumia 940 were powered by a very plausible tech specs leak. But the company released the Lumi 930 just a few months ago and there were no logic to ditch the model so soon.

We will see if this strategy originally developed by Nokia and later adopted by Microsoft will work for the business results of the Mobile devision of the company.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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