Microsoft Surface 4 LTE and other rumors


Surface 4 LTE rumorsAfter Apple revealed its new 12-inch MacBook which is aimed for the compact segment, as well the MacBook Air with Retina display it is obvious the rumors for Microsoft Surface 4 LTE to kick in. The software giant is gearing up a new hybrid after the good sales generated for the last model and people are anxious for the next version.

There new Surface 4 LTE is expected to have a high-speed mobile data connection, 2K display and Intel’s new Core M processor for low power consumption.

The first new addition to the Surface 4 is the possibility for LTE connectivity. Now, every model of the hybrid tablet has only Wi-Fi as an option for reaching the Web. For some people this is a big burden. Especially when they are on the move, the only way to connect to Internet is via Wi-Fi or using the smartphone as a hot spot.

The first option is not available everywhere for free and most of the Wi-Fi networks are password protected. Using the smartphone as a Wi-Fi hot spot is a good idea, but it has some drawbacks. It requires for the user to switch on this option and to place a password for security reasons. Also this drains significantly more battery power from the smartphone.

Surface 4 LTE is reported to bring back the two form factor. The tablet will have 12-inch model with Intel Core M processor and 14-inch version with the more powerful Intel i5 and i7 chips.

The 2K display is not a surprise and is a mandatory feature if Microsoft wants to stay in the premium segment.

There is another interesting part of the rumors – the new Surface 4 LTE will have up to a whole terabyte of internal storage. It is a lot for a laptop in this class, and it is unthinkable for a tablet. Other features will include 3.5 and 8 MP front and back cameras, both shooting 1080p videos. Also Microsoft may include a new stylus as it change the manufacturer of this accessory.

The last part of the new speculations suggested that Microsoft will reveal the Surface 4 LTE in the coming BUILT conference. It is a little bit too early, because the device itself is expected to be shipped when Windows 10 is ready. And the new OS will be hitting the shelves in the late summer. Still Microsoft may decide to tease the public for the Windows 10 with Surface 4 LTE in the BUILT conference which starts on April 29th.

Plausibility for Microsoft to unveil Surface 4 LTE on the BUILT conference – 60%

Image credit: Scott Akerman (CC)

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