Microsoft to make an open source Windows


Open source windows linuxMicrosoft is build its domination in the PC world around Windows OS and the company protects as its biggest treasure. But now the company hinted that it may give it away the source code of the operating system. Microsoft top execs and engineers hinted for the open source Windows possibility.

According to Mark Russinovich the idea of open source Windows is real and possible in the future.

Russinovich is the CTO for Microsoft Azure – the enterprise cloud platform of the software giant. He is working developing and improving Windows from the beginning of its career.

He participate in a panel discussion at the Chef Conference 2015 in the Silicon Valley. The topic was the advantages of the open source. The Chef is a software tool which helps people to setup and operate multiple machines to run a website or mobile applications. It is an open source tool in which everyone can contribute for its development and can be used alongside other applications and programs.

Russinovich acknowledged that fewer people with virtual machines are using Windows and prefer to get into the open source Linux instead. Also now Azure is available for Linux running computers and machines. And 20% of the computers using the Microsoft’s cloud platform use Linux. Russinovich said that most enterprise are having mixed OS, but most startups are using pure Linux. So Microsoft is opening step by step.

After getting to the topic of the possibility for an open source Windows, Russinovich replied:

“It’s definitely possible,” Russinovich siad. “It’s a new Microsoft.”

Still this answer is not an official decision of Microsoft to make Windows open source. And given the fact most part of the audience in the conference embraced in some level the open source it is normal for Russinovich to represent the company as the good guy.

But he is right for one thing – this is definitely a new Microsoft. The company open a lot of its software to other platforms, there are rumors for Android app emulator for Windows 10 and why the next step to be an open source Windows.

It will not be a full surprise, but it will be a very big step for the transformation that Microsoft is undertaken right now.

Here is the full video from the panel:

Plausibility for an open source Windows – 65%

Image credit: Ian Burt (CC)

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