Microsoft trolled the world with Windows 10


Microsoft trolls the tech community after it jumps directly to Windows 10 for a name to its new operating system. The software giant announced the new platform and end some of the speculations about it. Some rumors were confirmed on the event, others were busted, but we still have some unanswered questions. Here is some round up.


Confirmed rumors

One Windows to rule them all – the biggest news from the event is that Microsoft will introduce one platform for all devices from 4 to 80 inches. This includes smartphones, tablets, hybrids, laptops, desktop computers and even TV set top boxes or consoles like X-Box. The company didn’t provide enough details about it, but confirms that the next Windows 10 will include smartphones. It only hinted that in smartphones the Desktop mode will be removed, but it will use the same platform. This is an old rumor, when Microsoft present the Windows 8 it hinted that the longterm goal is to make an unifying platform for all devices. But it didn’t say when we will see this move. Some of the earlier speculations about the successor of the Windows 8 – so called Project Threshold – were that it will include this synergy between the different devices.  After some time there were no words about it and now Microsoft confirm it – one Windows to rule the mobile and PC world!

The return of the Start menu –  one of the strongest rumor before the event was the imminent come back of the Start menu with some new clothes. The speculations were that it will blend traditional features with the tiles of the Start screen. And in the Microsoft’s event from today we saw exactly this.

Multiple virtual desktops – this is the ability to create multiple desktops and workplaces and easily switch between them. This will improve multitasking in both PC or mobile devices. Microsoft shown this feature as well the Snap mode which allows to manage applications via various workplaces. So – confirmed!

Modern Apps in windowed mode – another desired feature is the possibility to run the new Modern (or Metro) apps in windowed mode in the desktop. Microsoft shown it in the beginning of the presentation and it is confirmed!

Microsoft will release technical preview after the event – and it will, which will includes special Insiders program. The Technical preview will be for laptops, PC’s and servers which may not include the mobile segments of the platform. Confirmed!


Busted rumors

It will be called Windows 9 –  Microsoft trolled a little bit the whole tech world with the name of its new operating system. The anticipation was that it will be called Windows 9, and some vague suggestions were for Windows One. But no – Microsoft skipped the 9 and goes straight for Windows 10. And the rumor balloon just popped – busted!

The demise of the Charms bar – one of the rumors in the blender was that the Charms bar will disappear from Windows 10. Well partially this speculation is true – the Charms are not present in the Desktop mode. But they will stay for the mobile mode. So Microsoft will not eliminate them completely and wisely introducing dual modes for its new platform. The scalability is the power of the new Windows and this saves the Charms – so busted!


Ask us latter

Multiple rumors were not confirmed or actually busted and we need to wait for some Consumers Preview version for it or at least some more hard evidence for them.

New Notification center, Storage and Wi-Fi Senses – the rumors were that a lot of features from Windows Phone 8.1 will be integrated into Windows 10. This includes new Notification center and monitoring features like Storage and Wi-Fi Senses. None of them were shown in the event, but the news that the OS will be one for all kind of devices keeps them alive.

Cortana goes for Windows 10 – same thing like the Notification center. The rumors are that the voice assistant from Windows Phone 8.1 will be integrated with unify search options for Desktops just like for smartphones. Microsoft only hinted unified search but no word for Cortana. There is still big plausibility for this speculations because of the idea of single platform. So we will see later.

Free Windows 10 for Windows 8 users – Microsoft didn’t reveal any pricing model of the OS, so we wait for more details.

You can watch the full presentation of Microsoft’s event here:

Image Credit – Robert Scoble

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