Microsoft will introduce new Lumia flagship in the end of 2015


Lumia flagship Lumia 640LTEMicrosoft will introduce new Lumia flagship in the end of 2015, most probably when Windows 10 is out. This means no earlier than September or October this year we will see a new high-end smartphone with Windows Phone. In Barcelona at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2015) the software giant just unveiled two low-end handests – Lumia 640 (pictured) and Lumia 640XL.

With this actions Microsoft is continuing Nokia’s strategy to introduce only entry level smartphones in Barcelona. But still Autumn 2015 is too far away for the consumers to wait for a new Lumia flagship. And there is a slight chance for other manufacturers to get a Windows Phone flagship till then. So owners or wanna-be owners of high-end Windows Phone handset must wait for Windows 10 or to buy the old models like Lumia 930 or Lumia 1020.

The main reason to wait so long is if you want a real camera into a smartphone. Lumia 1020 has the best one to date. Lumia 930 has a small edge over the Sony’s flagship and there is possibility for loosing this advantage over the new HTC One M9. As all of the will have 20MP cameras.

All this is showing that Microsoft is betting very serious on its new platform Windows 10. It will be a unified platform for all kind of smart devices. And the press event in MWC 2015 was focused mainly on Windows 10 on smartphones rather the new two models of Lumia 640.

Windows 10 for all and a new rumor

There are some good news though. Microsoft is very consistent with the OS updates for Windows Phone lately. In the press conference in Barcelona Stephen Elop, the head of mobile devices department in the software giant, said that all current smartphones with Windows Phone 8.1 will be upgradeable to Windows 10 when it is available. For some models there will be some technical limitations, because of hardware requirements. But this is a very good news. Microsoft silently updated even the Lumia 1020 to Windows Phone 8.1 and other old models.

Next Lumia flagship may use Android apps

Windows 10 will be “all in” situation for Microsoft. The company is loosing edge in the smartphone market. The main reason is the lack of new apps, and the second big one – is the absence of a good new flagship. There are rumors that Microsoft is reviving Nokia’s experiments with Android applications running under Windows Phone (or more probably on Windows 10) as a last resort measure. It is very plausible to have such emulator when Windows 10 is released. But the users will not have the unified experience as the universal apps made specifically for Windows 10.

So there is some possibility that except Windows 10 the next Lumia flagship could use Android apps.

If you missed the Microsoft live event in MWC, you can watch it here.

It is a good think to watch over in the next months. Plausibility – 65%

Image credit: Microsoft

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