Microsoft will make free Windows 10 upgrade


Free Windows 10 upgrade for everyoneMicrosoft announced that will make free Windows 10 upgrade for the owners of the past editions from Windows 7 SP1 above. But now it also confirmed that it will enable this promotion for everyone – including for the users who have pirate versions.

Yes, Microsoft will allow people who didn’t pay for their licenses to make free Windows 10 upgrade, after the new OS is released. And it will deliver them the full support and upgrades for it.

Brace yourself, summer is coming

Also the software giant give some hints when will launch the new version of its operating system. Microsoft said that it will deliver the final version of Windows 10 in this summer. Still there is no exact date, but it signals that it will be no further than the late September.

Some people may say that Microsoft will release it sometime in July or August. Giving the fact that there are some delays and glitches for the people who has the Technical preview it is doubtful that the company can deliver it so soon. The most plausible period is sometime in September.

The business logic behind free Windows 10 upgrade

If you heard that it will be free Windows 10 upgrade for everyone before couple of year the first thought will be – are Microsoft out of their minds? Well, actually the tech giant from Redmond change a lot in the past year. Especially they start to turn around their pricing and business models.

The main reason is the mobile platforms turn the market sideways. They offer free upgrades for most of the devices. Apple makes the last iOS version available for the last couple of models for their iPhones and iPads. Similar tactic is used by Android manufacturers.

Apple transfer this model to desktops and laptops as it made OS X free for upgrade from 2013. Now it is Microsoft’s turn. Actually the software company made big leap after upgraded for free almost all Lumia smartphones produced in the past year and half.

Now the software company is aiming to make similar move in the desktop arena. The lost revenues from licensing can be compensate by bundle the new operating system with Microsoft’s services.

There are few details about the free Windows 10 upgrade. First, the company announced that the upgrade will be for the first year. This could means that Microsoft may prepares an annual licensing for its last OS. At least for the old devices, for the new ones, the company stated that it will provide full support for the lifetime of the device.

The software company will also make Windows 10 free for all devices with nine inches or smaller screens. This includes smartphones and compact tablets.

Microsoft will not make free Windows 10 upgrade for the enterprise versions of the platform. This means that the corporate world must pay for the operating system and possibly for all other specialized business services that the company will provide. Don’t forget – Microsoft made much more money from corporate users rather than end customers.

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