Microsoft’s old rumor – the HoloLens


Microsoft HoloLens Windows 10Microsoft revealed its new HoloLens during the Windows 10 presentation. Those are digital glasses with powerful augmented reality, which can “produce” holograms. The history of this device is far more older than some people thought. Actually the software giant is preparing those technology for quite some time. Think about at least three to four years earlier. And still this technology is so sophisticated that the HoloLens are still in an early stage of development.

The first rumors surfaced in 2012 when a roadmap leaked regarding the future of the gaming console X-Box. It detailed the plans of Microsoft for how, what and when will be ready regarding the device. In it the HoloLens were mentioned barely. As a part of the late developments regarding the X-Box, the console will be transformed in some sort of a central hub. It will use the Kinect sensor to map the living room and the users will see an augmented reality via special glasses. And this is the early vision of HoloLens and spawn a rumors about the possibility for Microsoft to present a virtual reality headset.

If we trace the development made by the company in the period from 2012 to date, they fit most of the plans written in the roadmap.

The next generation of X-Box was supposed to be released for the Christmas holidays in 2013. The premiere of X-Box One was in late November 2013. The roadmap also noted that a new augmented reality glasses will be shown in late 2014 and in 2015 they will be integrated fully into the X-Box ecosystem.

As it seen there are some differences. On a first glance, Microsoft change the name of the game console from X-Box 720 to X-Box One. Also the glasses were introduced in 2015 and it seems that they will not be ready until later this year or most probably in the next. In the roadmap was not specially mention how it will be made the sensor depth mapping of the surrounding area. Most people assumed in that time that it will be made by the Kinect. But the sensors in Kinect were integrated into the HoloLens which is more practical.

And last but not least – in the roadmap Microsoft describes the glasses as Fortaleza, not HoloLens. The software giant tries to create a lot of buzz with this “holographic” thing. But actually is a very advanced augmented reality. Still the HoloLens looks very cool and it will be interesting to see them in real life action.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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