Most plausible explanation for Windows 10 name


Windows 95 and 98 are the reason why Microsoft skipped the 9 version of its new operating system and go directly to 10. According to recent rumors, there is a problems with the code. During the tests when using Windows 9 name the third-party applications used some coding to detect what version of the operating system are running.

The programmers are using the short name Windows 9 for designate the old Windows 95 or Windows 98 OS. And it wasn’t written to use the extra character. So if we have a new OS with number 9 the code will associate it with the old platforms. Microsoft didn’t really answer the question why it named its new operating system Windows 10 and this starts furious speculations and jokes about the company’s decision. The software giant only hinted that the reason behind the name was because “The name Windows 9 could break a whole bunch of lazy code”.

According to a user of Reddit who presumably is a Microsoft developer the code line is:

if(version.StartsWith(“Windows 9”))

{ /* 95 and 98 */ } else {

And it’s all over the place. So it is possible that this is the real reason. This was not the first time of such coding problems linked to the OS’s name. There were similar issue to Windows 2000 and some Intel Pentium CPU’s. The early developers were not expected to have another Windows 9x version and this is why they leave it that way and block Windows 9 name. For now Microsoft doesn’t confirm it, but for now this is the most plausible explanation to date.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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