New Apple TV device will be shown in WWDC


New and old Apple TV deviceIn World Wide Developers Conference in June Apple may unveil its new Apple TV device. Almost for certain it will not be a full television set which people are expected for so many years. Instead it will be a new version of the current set top boxes.

Apple already shred the price of the present generation Apple TV with $30 to $69, after it introduce the new MacBook laptop.

Now the rumors are heated for a new Apple TV device and most people are certain that it will make its debut in WWDC in June. The set top box was always considered as a side project to the company from Cupertino. The current generation was not updated since 2012 and maybe the time for a new one is coming.

The idea of a new Apple TV device is reinforced by couple of things. The first clue was the price cut in March’s event. The second is the rumored preparation to launch an online TV streaming service.

The third is the increasing rhetoric from Apple’s execs about how “the TV experience is stuck”.

The last one are rumors from BuzzFeed. According to sources close to the blog, APple is preparing an upgrade to the set top box. And the new Apple TV device will be a total overhaul of the old ones. It will try to transform the current state of the living room. And also will try to get the Apple’s envision for how the TV experience should look like.

The new Apple TV device will not be only for video, but for running apps and a little home automation. It will have the new A8 64-bit processor, a lot of more storage space, improved OS and the addition of the voice assistant Siri. The later will be used for a voice control. Also the new Apple TV device will have a new remote controller.

The last thing will be the integration of Homekit applications for some automation in the home.

There are now current price tag. The new Apple TV device may come a little bit more expensive than the present model, which value has dropped to $69.

For now it is obvious that Apple is cooking something in the TV sector. To this moment there are no hard evidence that the new device and services will be ready for June. There are good chances for Apple to succeeded though.

Plausibility for a new Apple TV device at WWDC – 65%

Image credit: Beau Giles

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