Production of Apple Watch starts in January


Apple Watch

Apple Watch was the jewel in September’s presentation of the tech giant and it seems that it may be close to the market. According to the latest rumors the production of the new smartwatch is due to start in January.

The new report from Taiwanese site suggests that Apple’s  subcontractor Quanta is ready to start production of the new device in the next month. The Taiwanese company is raising its personal for the plant that will build the watch from 2 000 to 10 000. The aim is the total workforce dedicated to Apple Watch to reach 20 000.

The initial production round is estimated between 3 to 5 million devices.

This means that is very possible for Apple to be on time for its new smart accessory. The company said that the Apple Watch will be on sale in the early 2015. But this is very wide time frame. Previous rumors in November suggested that the new smartwatch will hit the shop after the Chinese New Year.

In November Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores Angela Ahrendts said to its employees to be ready for the Chinese holiday and to prepare for the launch of the watch imminently after that.

Most sites are suggesting that the release date of Apple Watch will be sometime in February.  More bold predictions point out Valentine’s Day – or 14th of February. But the Chinese New Year takes place on 19th of February so it most likely to see the new device after 20th of February.

Apple needs at least two to three months to have enough quantity of a new device before to officially launch it. Late February after 20th is a good guess. The better and more probably one – early or mid-March. Apple loves to launch their products before the end of the running financial quarter.

So if the rumors for the pending production are accurate Apple Watch release date is starting to get shaped.

The optimistic scenario is – late February after 20th

The more realistic –  early of mid-March

Image Credit: Houang Stephane

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