Qualcomm and Samsung clashed for the Snapdragon 810


Qualcomm Snapdragon 810Qualcomm and Samsung are clashed into a debate over the new US company’s chipset Snapdragon 810. In the recent information the two companies had disagreements about the overheating problems with the new processor for mobile devices.

Another rumor suggested that apparently Samsung was dropped from purchasing the new Snapdragon 810.

According to Wall Street Journal Qualcomm had a lot of complaints from its overheating processor without to specify where are coming from. The tech world is betting that the main source of the problems is Samsung.

The South Korean company is expected to show off its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S6 at MWC in Barcelona this March.

There are questions about if Samsung will continue to use Qualcomm’s CPU for its handsets or will it use its own chips.

Samsung is betting for own CPU

The in house made chipset is called Exynos and is already used in some models from the South Korean manufacturer. But Samsung may want to push further and starts to rely purely on its own CPUs in terms to make its chipmaking unit profitable. Introducing the Exynos in the next flagship Galaxy S6 is a very good and bold move for accomplishing this goal.

If it do so, the South Korean company is using the overheating problems only as leverage against the US manufacturer and possibly to exit from a current or future agreements. And this maybe is partially confirmed by the report that Qualcoom loses a major client for its processors. Because of this the American company cuts its financial forecast for this year. It didn’t said a name but the rumors are blaming Samsung for the situation, because the Snapdragon 810 is a key product for Qualcomm’s portfolio this year.

LG is defending the Snapdragon 810

Interestingly another South Korean manufacturer – LG – is defending the Snapdragon 810. The company managed to reduce the overheating problems with the CPU after it introduced the first handset that uses the new chip. The new LG G Flex 2 doesn’t have such issues and LG admitted that the processor is not the only factor responsible for the heating levels.

“Heat levels don’t depend entirely on the CPU (mobile processor) but also on how the phone’s internal cooling system is designed,” said Choi Yong-su, a vice president for LG’s smartphone development.

So is it possible for Samsung to cut its dependency from Qualcomm and starts to rely on its own chips? It is very likely. And it is using the overheating problems of Snapdragon 810 only to exit, because it has no stimulus to manage this issue.

Plausibility for Samsung to not introduce Snapdragon 810 in Galaxy S6 – 65%

Plausibility for Samsung to dropped out from Qualcomm’s chips – 65%

Image Credit: Qualcomm

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