Rumors before IFA – what is cooking in Berlin


IFA is one of the biggest European gadget show and it starts from 5th of September in Berlin. At the pavilions in the German capitol the global IT companies will unveil their latest products before the Christmas season. So prepare yourself for a lot of hype and almost confirmed rumors. From Wednesday technology behemoths like Samsung and Sony will start showing their latest additions in the gadget portfolio. They will be followed by the others. What to expect? A lot of stuff. We mention about the tsunami of smartwatches that will flood the convention and now we will focus more in the other categories.

First on the line is Samsung. The South Korean company will almost present their refurbish version of the Galaxy Note phablet. A lot of information already leaked – like the tech specs and even the price tag. The new device will allegedly have 5.7-inches Super AMOLED display, with 1,440×2,560 resolution, 16 megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization and 4GB of RAM. The smartphone was listed for a short time by Indonesian e-retailer Erafone. The price tag published by the online shop is spicy like the specs – 9 490 000 Indonesian rupiah which is around 807 dollars.

But it won’t be the only smartphone that Samsung will show off at Berlin. The South Korean company will forget the fully plastic cases and will add a new metal framed device. Named Galaxy Alpha it will replace the current Galaxy S5 flagships. It will have 4.7 inches HD Super AMOLED display and advanced camera features. But it will be the first flagship that will say “Goodbye plastics” and will have metal frame and soft back cover. And this is not rumor, but official. Samsung already released an promotional video and in IFA only will showcase the new smartphone to the audience.

There is a rumor that Samsung will reveal some kind of virtual reality technology like Oculus Rift (now owned by Facebook) and Project Morpheus by Sony. But here we don’t have any official hint, so maybe it will be hidden surprise that the Korean company will hold till the end.

Minutes after Samsung’s presentation tomorrow Sony will start its own. Excluding the smartwatch we will expect new Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact smartphones and possibly the 8.3-inch tablet Z3 Tablet Compact.

Microsoft will be represented mainly by its newly acquired hardware business Nokia Mobile. What is in the table from them – refurbishing the Lumia 800 and 700 series. After the new flagship Lumia 930 already hit the world market it is logical step to see the new devices in the mid and high-mid classes. So on the Nokia (Microsoft) boot it will be expected the new Lumia 830 and 730. The camera functionality will be main focus of the new devices, which it is not a surprise after Nokia rely on this features take an example the monstrous 43 pixel Lumia 1020.

Updated G3 smartphone with stylus will be the main attraction from LG. But from this company we expect more from their curved display technology – possibly a new ultra thin monitor with 34 inches at diagonal and 4k resolution. Still to be confirmed.

Image credit: John Karakatsanis

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