Rumors blend up after Google’s Nexus event


Google just reveal the new smartphone Nexus 6 and a bigger tablet Nexus 9. With them the Internet giant also unveil officially the updated version of its mobile platform – Android L. Most parts of the showcase were in line with the expectations, but some rumors did not hold on.

Here are the overview of Google’s new mobile devices and putting some of the rumors into the blender to see which will blend and which – will not.

Meet the phablet

Nexus 6 is a 5.9-inches phablet produced by Motorola which is in line with the previous speculations. This means that it is bigger than the most high-end smartphones – the iPhone 6 Plus has 5.5-inches display, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – 5.7. And it is a inch smaller than the previous Google tablet – Nexus 7 with its 7 inches display. The other tech specs are also in line with the predictions – resolution of the screen is 1440 x 2560. It’ll feature a 13-megapixel back camera and a 2-megapixel front camera. The battery is a 3,200 mAh. It also comes with a Snapdragon 805 quad-core 2.7 Ghz processor and Adreno 420 graphics. So most of this rumors are confirmed.

The new details are about the price. There were no hard evidence in the early speculations for the exact cost of the smartphone. Now we have price tag of 649$ without contract. It will be offer by the five major US carriers – AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and USA Cellular. This is a big surprise, because before that Google sells its devices only by Google Play store and T-Mobile.

The big boy of the family

The same thing is for the Nexus 9 tablet. Rumors are for 8.9-inches screen, so it is. And this makes it the biggest Nexus device released for now.  It is developed by HTC. The new tablet is powered by a 64-bit dual-core Nvidia Tegra K1 processor and an Nvidia Kepler graphics chip. It has an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera, and a 1.6-megapixel front camera. The storage options are 16GB or 32GB. Nevertheless of its bigger sizes it weights less than a pound (425 g for 3G and 436 for the LTE version). The battery is 6,700 mAh.

Nexus 9

Most of this specs are in line with the expectations, but the most interesting rumor that was confirmed is that Google introduces a new cover keyboard for its tablet. And it looks like the sketches that leaked few weeks ago.

Pricing is form 399$ to match the current iPads of Apple.

The sweet bust
One particular speculations didn’t blend well. It was actually the name of the new version of Android L. The rumors were that the new version will be called Lion and this way would continue the Nestle’s candy naming after the previous KitKat version. It was believed that Google will stick to Nestle’s products, but this time it named its new operating system with the more logical Lollipop. Some speculations were for that name, but there was a strong lobby for the Lion – powerful name also a chocolate waffle bar from Nestle. But the Lion is going to its cage and Google release the Lollipop. So busted!
Images Credit: Google

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