Rumors busted after the Apple’s event


This time Apple goes big with its September event. They showed off two new iPhones with new form factors and a smartwatch. But the rumor mill was bigger than the event itself. Well unlike others hyped conferences from the Cupertino’s company a lot of the leaks come true. But we still have a lot of rumors that just pop away… for now. And here is the list of the busted leaks.


– Names of the new wearable and mobile payments-¬† The rumors stick to the traditional naming of new devices and products in which Apple puts a “i” before the name. We have it with all major products – form iTunes to iPad. And the most plausible variant was iWatch for the smartwatch and iWallet for the mobile payment system embedded into the iPhone. But now the company made a sharp turn. The new wearable is call Apple Watch or simply Watch and the wallet – Apple Pay or simply Wallet. The company from Cupertino usually marks its main products with the letter “i”. This could give us clue that maybe Apple thinks its Watch more for side or¬†complement product rather a main and prospective business. Same thing is with the Apple Pay. But time will tell.


– Sapphire screen for iPhone the new smartphone gets only “hardened” display rather a new sapphire one. Well the exotic screen goes to the Apple Watch. But still this rumor is busted.


– iPhone with liquidmetal case- The first speculations were that this exotic alloy will be used in the new smartphone cases. The last rumors were that only the Apple logo in the back will be from liquidmetal. No one mention the alloy in the keynote at Apple’s event in Cupertino in Tuesday. Both are busted, with one reserve for the logo.


– The new iPad will be presented or at least there will be some hint about it – The name iPad was absolutely absent in the keynote. All the rumors about new tablets are busted. This includes iPad Air 2, bigger iPad Pro with 12.9-inches screen and even golden edition of the iPad Air 2. There is a logical explanation about it. Usually Apple separates the smartphone and tablet reveals. This reduce the possibilities of showing off two big products, especially with the smartwatch debut. But it is expected that Apple will reveal the new generation of tablets sometime through the end of the year. For now – all rumors busted.


– The debut of the new Mac OS X – Mobile ruled the keynote and there was nothing new about the laptops or desktops and respectively about their operating system.

Image Credit: Burj al-Arab hotel

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